Frozen Ready Meals

Seal Integrity and Clarity

Frozen Ready MealThe ability to freeze down to minus 40°C without affecting the seal integrity or the clarity of the packaging is a fundamental requirement of packaging today. Utilising DuPont Teijin Mylar® lidding film with its product leading Anti Fog coated Film Range only adds to the quality expected by today's consumer.

As Europe's largest authorised distributor of DuPont Teijin Mylar® film Wrapid is clearly at the forefront of polyester film technologies and working closely with selected partners can offer print and other proprietary finishes to give a "Total Packaging Solutions" approach.

Portion packs direct to oven

An ovenable pouch made from Mylar® polyester film can transform a bulk pack of frozen food into a highly convenient collection of individual portions that are easily separated from frozen and put directly into the oven - food service has never been easier.

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