Mylar® CKS Heat Shrinkable Heat Sealable Dual Ovenable Film

In a new development DuPont Teijin Films has produced a new heat sealable shrinkable film, Mylar® shrink. This new film means that delicate meal components can be consolidated together in one tight flow pack. By flow wrapping and shrinking, the finished product not only keeps its integrity throughout the shipping process but also through the cooking process ensuring that the appearance and taste is delivered to the consumer in the manner it was designed.

A heat sealable, shrinkable, cookable film designed to give a tight pack appearance to joints and portions. By shrinking at least 25% transversely and 10% longitudinally shrinkable Mylar® shrink will give good quality presentation of packs.

This world leading high grade polyester film allows shelf-ready presentation packing that can be taken directly from the freezer and cooked through either Microwave or conventional ovens. The use of polyester or peelable labelling also presents a fully recyclable packaging proposition.

Chicken wrapped in Mylar COOK


Whole bird wrapped in Mylar ® shrink polyester film in a shelf-ready pack







Chicken has now been cooked and browned whilst sealed in original shelf-ready pack







Mylar shrink has enormous potential in allowing a packed whole bird to be sealed from the poultry pack line through to consumer cooking without the need to open the pack. This massively reduces the spread of pathogens existing in some poultry from supermarket shelves and household worksurfaces.

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