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Sustainability through the use of Mylar

Much work has been done with Leading Food Manufacturers to assist in their initiatives to achieve their packaging waste reduction targets and carbon impact as defined in the evolving Courtaulds Commitment. Downguaging of lidding film thicknesses has been enabled without any detrimental affect regarding the ease of peel without sharding.

The additional pressures on reducing the food waste stream are well supported by the class leading heat sealing quality of Mylar®, now proven to be a critical factor in reducing food waste through consistent shelf life performance.

The key strategies for reduction in Environmental impact will undoubtedly revolve around the 3 Rs. Wrapid work closely with DuPont Teijin to allow Mylar® users to achieve improvements in these three areas.


The wide range of film thicknesses easily support film downguaging projects to reduce packaging weight. The base film has been mechanically modified to snap and shred less which then removes the negative consumer perceptions.


The full range of Mylar® films are available in the PET form with at least 30% recyclate and identical performance to the APET equivalent.

PET film gives a tangible reduction in primary oil feedstock consumption in food packaging.


“Cradle to cradle” potential for full recovery of film to convert into recyclate as infrastructure develops

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